Monday, December 29, 2014

Hatzeva - December 25th - December 27th 2014

We all met at the rest stop near Ein Hatzeva for s snack at Aroma.

After checking in at the Hatzeva field School we drove a bit and then were led on a lantern lit walk through the marl hills. We heard some stories about the animals that inhabit the area, but didn't see any.

On Friday morning we drove to the beginning of our hike in Nachal Peres. Nachal Peres is the boundary between the Judean Desert and the Negev. The first part of hour hike was on a jeep trail. After taking a (official) short cut, we arrived at the Peres Pools where we had our first break. The more brave among us took a dip in the cold water.

We walked above Nachal Peres, until the trail took us into the actual river bed, and we started walking in a canyon. This involved sliding down small dry waterfalls, and clambering over rocks.

As we walked through the canyon it got narrower. The canyon ended at a dry waterfall. We had to backtrack a little and climb out of the canyon using handholds and walking along narrow ledges.

The rest of the hike was along a nice trail and down to The Arava Junction, where we got into our cars and drove back to the field school.

On Saturday afternoon we had a very nice guided bird watching walk, and we got to meet Chanan the Great Northern Shrike who accepted some treats from our guide, and posed for photographs. We then met a group of Babblers which live in the area and are the focus of a long study. This was a lovely end to a great weekend.

Thanks to Miriam and Deborah for organizing a great weekend, to Ben and Rotem for leading us safely through the Marl hills and to Yuval for leading us on the bird watching walk.

Gadi's Pictures (Nachal Peres, Bird Watching)
Miriam's Pictures

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