Sunday, November 17, 2013

Nachal Arugot - Novener 15th, 2013

We met on Friday morning at the Nachal Arugot parking lot.
Those of us who arrived early enough got to see the Ibex Cleaning Crew doing their thing.

Our first leg, took us along the northern bank of Nachal Arugot, to the upper pools. Along the way we saw Hryax at various points.

We sat at the pools for about an hour, it was nice and cool, but the water was warm.

We returned the same way we came, but went down the the Hidden Waterfall. We spent some time there, and the brave souls took a shower in the waterfall.

We too the wet way back, taking the trail that goes through the stream bed, and had to get our feet wet once in a while.

We got back to our cars at about 1, and made our way back home.

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