Monday, August 18, 2008

Katamon Tour and Picnic – August 14th 2008

We met at the corner of Hagdud HaIvri and HaPalmach Street in Jerusalem.

After an introduction to the history of Katamon, the significance of this particular corner (This is where count Folke Bernadotte was assassinated) and a description of the various architectural styles in the neighborhood, we started our walk.

We walked down Hagdud HaIvri, turned right on Eli Cohen, left on Boustenai, right on Hizkiyahu, which took us to the San Simon Park.

Along the way we saw several interesting buildings. We passed the former RAF compound, the house where Benyamin and Yoni Netanyahu grew up, the Note House (Beit Hatavim), that has musical notes on its windows, and several other architecturally interesting buildings.

We ended up in the San Simon Park, where a fierce battle was fought during the War of Independence.

After finishing the walk, we set up the food and had a very nice Picnic.

Thanks to Maxine who organized the walk and all the food, and to our Guide Mike.