Saturday, May 17, 2008

Photography Hike - May 9th 2008

After a few delays, our photography hike took place.

We met at the parking lot near the Saint John in the Wilderness monastery near Even Sapir. While waiting for everyone to arrive, some of us walked around the beautiful grounds.

When everyone arrived, Tal, out guide took us down to the spring and gavr us some pointers about taking pictures of the fountain and the views from the balcony.

Because we were late getting started, we didn't have as much time as planned at the monastery.

Next, we drove towards Ness Harim and the beginning of out hike.

We dropped of the hikers and the drivers took the cars to the end of the trail.

After coming back we started out hike towards Machal HaMeara - The Cave Stream.

A description of the route can be found here

Our first stop was at the Beit Itab spring. We then climbed up to the ruins of Beit Itab. The ruins go back as far as crusader times, when they where the center of a farm.

From Beit Itab, we started going down towards Nachal HaMeara.

After climbing down a small cliff, and walking down the hill, we arrived at Nachal HaMeara. The first part was on a dirt road, and then we went down to the stream bed where we walked through the brush. Along the way, there were some small steps we had to climb down.

We then arrived at one of the highlights of the trail, A natural slide warn smooth by many years of water, wind and tush erosion.

After satisfying out inner children, we went on towards the Twins Cave.

The cave is called the Twins Cave because ancient legend tells us that any barren woman who drinks from the spring at the end of the cave will give birth. The story goes that a brren woman who heard the story went to the cave was so thisty when she got to the springm she took two drinks of water, and nine months later had twins.

The cave is home to a large colony of insect eating bats. The cave is closed during the winter when the bats hibernate.

A short while later we arrived at the cars and made our way back home.

Thanks to Aviva and Michael who organized the hike, and to Tal, our guide.

Pictures from the hike: