Monday, August 22, 2011

Caesarea - August 19th 2011

We met at the entrance to the Caesarea National Park. After paying the entrance fee, and meeting our guide, Reuven, we started out tour of the park.

We started at the crusader gate, and then the various sites in the park. We viewed the introductory movies, and listened to the various historical figures in the holograph room.

Next we visited the Hippodrome. Herod's palace and the theater.

We walked back to the entrance, and then drove towards the remains of the aqueduct.

On the way, we stopped at the recently discovered birds mosaic.

Our next stop was the reamisn of the aqueducts that brought water to Caesarea and 10 miles away.

Some of us went to the beach for some wet relaxation on the way home.

Thanks to Kirsten who organized the event, and to Reuben for making the site come to life.

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