Friday, December 7, 2012

Nachal Og - December 7th, 2012

We all met at the gas station near Almog Junction.

After making sure that everyone had arrived and payed, we drove to the beginning of the trail near the entrance to Kibbitz Almog.

We started be walking down in Nachal Og, and then started walking up the canyon. It was muddy in some places, evidence of the rain earlier in the week, and possibly a flash flood.

Along the canyon we had to cross muddy areas, and climb up cliffs using had and foot holds in the rocks.

We all made it in one piece.

After exiting the canyon, we walked back to the cars along a jeep trail, stopping for a quick food break while looking over the northern end of the Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley, Kibutz Almog, and Jericho.

Thanks Joel and Simcha for organizing the hike, and to Uri, our guide, for doing a great job.

A map of our hike can be seen at

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