Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nachal Betzet and Nachal Sarach - October 18th, 2012 to October 20th, 2012

A group of us did a hike on Thursday.
We drove from Jerusalem to Tel Yodfat. We went on a hike from Tel Yodfat, down to Nachal Yodfat, up to Har Atzmon and then back to our starting point. The hike was a little over 6 km, and we got back to the cars, just as the sun was setting. Pictures

From there we drove to Nahariya  and met with some other hikers for Supper at the Galil restaurant on the Nahariya Beach promenade.After supper we drove the the Achziv Field School.

After breakfast on Friday morning, we drove towards Adamit.
We parked and then some of the drivers took the cars to the end of our route.
Once the drivers came back, we started our hike.

Our first stop was the Keshet Cave. After an explanation, we continued along the ridge, descending slowly towards Nachal Betzet.

Once we got to the bottom, we walked a short distance towards Einot Karkara, where there was a bit of water. We stopped there for lunch.

After lunch we continued up Nachal Betzet. When we arrived at the fork, we took the right path, and continued up Nachal Sarach.

We stopped at the Sarach Cave. Those who wanted to, went on a tour through the cave, while the rest waited outside.

After the visit to the cave, it was about half an hour to the end of our route.

The drivers of the cars that were left at the beginning of the hike went to get the cars. Those who could, went back to the field school, while the rest waited for the cars to come back before going back.

Thanks to Rachel Gold and Ephraim King for their hard work organizing the weekend, and to Israel, our guide, for leading us on a great hike.

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