Friday, October 29, 2010

Tel Megiddo - October 22nd 2010

October 22nd was Armageddon day.

The Jerusalem crowd met at the Nayot gas station, and after getting assigned to cars started the drive to Megiddo.

At Megiddo, we met people coming from other parts of the country, and our guide, Dr. Norma Franklin of the The Megiddo Expedition.

Norma gave us an introduction to the history of Megiddo, highlighting various point about the site. One interesting point was the Megiddo was the site of the first documented battle in history.

We went through the site, getting some very interesting insights from someone who has been involved with the site for a few years.

We visited Norma’s active dig site, where a team was unearthing a spot where it seems like a kitchen fire caused some local destruction. Some whole ceramic vessels where found at the site, some containing grains. The find was too fresh to know what types of grains were found.

After visiting Megiddo’s amazing water system, and returning to the sites entrance, we had lunch.

After lunch we continued our tour with views of Megiddo’s temples.

Thanks to Steve for organizing this special tour and to Norma for providing interesting insights into the history of Megiddo.

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