Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ups and downs near the Dead Sea - October 18th 2013

On Friday morning, we met at Ein Feshcha, Einot Tzukim, the lowest nature reserve in the world.

After crossing route 90, we started our climb on the black trail towards Rosh Tzukim. The climb was long and quite steep. The trail started at an altitude of 340 meters below sea level, and ended at an altitude of 80 meters below sea level and was about 1.6 kilometers long. One of us did not feel well and returned to the starting point. This is the first trail that was marked in Israel. It was marked by the Palmach in 1947, just weeks before the start of the War of Independence.

The climb ended at Rosh Tzukim, where we had a great view of the northern part of the Dead Sea, and the nature reserve below us.

We rested for quite a long time, and then continued for a short while along the black trail and the turned left to the blue trail towards Nachal Samara. This part of the trail was rolling hills.We went up and down for a few kilometers, until the trail ended at the green trail. We walked a short distance to a beautiful lookout.

At this point we started our descent on Ma'ale Mezin. This would take us back to route 90, and our cars.

When most of us were at the end of the trail, we got the news that one of us was having cramps and could not continue the descent, even though he had help.

We decided to call for help, and after a while a team form the Megilot Rescue Team came to help.

While some of us waited for everyone to come down, the rest went back to Ein Feshcha.

The team climbed up and evaluated the situation. Our group member was given an infusion, which helped him walk down the descent.

Our route can be reviewed here:
Thanks to Elana and Deborah for planning the hike, and to everyone who helped others along the hike.

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