Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nachal El Al - March 20th - March 22nd, 2014

We all made our way north using various routes.
Some of us stopped at the Gilboa to look for Irises, but they were not blooming.

We all met in Aniam for supper. Most of us ate at Yaeli's restaurant, while others, who wanted a meat meal ate at Ziegel.

After breakfast on Friday morning we drove to the beginning of our hike in Eliad. Along the way we picked up our guide, and dropped of cars at the end of the hike.

We started our hike at the entrance to Eliad, and walked down into Nachal El Al. The views were wonderful, and everything was green and the flowers were blooming. We crossed some tiny streams where springs were coming out of the mountainside.

Our first stop was at the white waterfall. The brave members of our group took a swim in the pool, and washed off in the waterfall.

We continued along Nachal El Al. When we got to the blue trail, we started climbing the south bank. The climb was very steep, but not too long. After a short rest at the top, we walked along the edge of the cliff, passing the remains of an Canaanite village (4000 years old). We saw many flowers and some cows and horses.

We got to the parking lot at Umm el Kanatir - the remains of a village that is being restored.

On the way back to Alonei Habashan, we stopped to look for Golan Irises. We found two lovely flowers.

Thanks to Deborah and Rachel for a great weekend, and to Michael for being a Great Guide.

Gadi's Pictures
More pictures by Alden.