Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wadi Kelt - February 22nd, 2008

We met at 8 am at the shopping center in French's Hill. When everyone arrived, we got into the cars and drove to Anatot, where we would begin the hike. Most of the drivers took the cars to the end of the trail at Ein Mabua.

When the drivers returned we started walking east along Nachal Prat. Because it had rained and snowed during the week, there was plenty of water along the route. We had to cross the stream many times. Some of us even got a little wet.

Along the way we found a turtle, who was a little scared by all the people and urinated on our guide.

Further on trail we met up with a goat herd. Our first indication of the herd was loud bleatting of one of the goats. Next we saw a doe (female goat) with a young kid. Some of us, who closed, said that they thaught the kid had just been born.

Further on we met the rest of the herd along with the shepards.

After crossing the stream again, we saw an Ilanit which is a type of small frog about 4cm in length.

We ended our hike at Ein Mabua.

Thank to warren for organizing the hike and to Bar, our guide.