Saturday, February 25, 2012

Photo walk - February 24th, 2012

We met at the entrance to Mt. Herzl.

After everyone arrived, we walked up to the plaza in from of Herzl's tomb, for the first talk from our photography guide, this time about taking portraits. Since it started raining, we cut this stop short and started walking.

Our next stop was overlooking the valley (Nachal Ein Kerem) towards Ein Kerem, where taking landscape pictures was discussed.

We walked down the valley, stopping to take pictures of flowers and trees, and a discussion of macro and closeup photography.

Arriving on the edge of Ein Kerem, we stopped to fro everyone to catch up.
We then walked through the alleys of Ein Kerem see the 'Oldest house in the village', the Sisters of Zion Monastery (Notre Dame de Sion)

We walked  down some terraces to view some lovely flowers (Anemones and Cyclamens).

After climbing back up the terraces, we walked to Mary's spring, where our walk ended.

Some of us stayed around and had lunch at one of the restaurants in Ein Kerem before going home.

Thanks to Yochanan for organizing the walk, and to our photography guide Doug Guthrie
for his insights and instruction.

Gadi's Pictures