Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ein Gedi - November 24th-26th, 2011

Route: Nachal Rom to Nachal Yizrach to Nachal Zohar
Nachal Rom went up through a beautiful wadi.
On the way, we saw capers, acacia trees some climbing on rocks.
The top of Nachal Rom was somewhat flat with great views.
The guide showed us flint, and made sparks with a piece of iron.
He also showed us Shoshanat Yericho dried and curled up in a ball. He said that just by adding water it would uncurl. Daniel picked one and added water to it. He showed it to everyone over shabat. It had uncurled and stretched out.
We saw trees called Shaizaf, which have edible fruits.
We stopped for lunch at the top of Nachal Yizrach and the guide made sage tea and passed it around.
He showed us travertine rock coating the limestone

At the end, went to the salt deposits with "Lot's wife". We went through a cave with rock salt formations in all directions, including vertical. Then went to an incredible sink hole with an opening at the top, around 50 meters. Vertical layers of salt.

Shabat: went to beach and Ein Gedi.

Ibex wandered around the hostel, some liked Ephraim's car and jumped on it.

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