Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mtzpe Ramon - November 11th-13th, 2010

"Please do not feed the ibex!" – Mosaic hiking weekend at Mitzpe Ramon

Those who were lucky enough to reach the Har HaNegev Field School in Mitzpe Ramon before dark were treated to a beautiful sunset seen from the promenade. Everyone made it to the field school, for an early start on Friday morning.

We drove out towards Canyon Ada with our intrepid guide Eshchar, who seems to prefer unmarked trails and is a true man of the desert. We had to squeeze through boulders and climb up a knotted rope, using handholds. We continued climbing upwards (and very carefully downwards)…with some slightly difficult hiking over crumbling sandstone and gravelly trails.
The payoff was a magnificent view of the canyon and a vista of the Negev.

Warren's ultimate killer brownies at the end of the hike seem to have made up for the "pain."

Hard to recognize the "sweaty" hikers transformed in Shabbat clothes but we joined voices in a sunset Kabbalat Shabbat, overlooking the crater, making sure mourners (male and female) could say kaddish.

The next day, hikers took advantage of the various trails and circuits leading out from the field school, overlooking and through the crater, for beautiful walks.

The new faces brought good cheer, good games and great voices to the weekend. Welcome! And refuah shlemah to Simcha Layah.

Many thanks to Rachel and Ephraim who coordinated the hike and to Eshchar who led us.

Warren's Pictures

Warning: Canyon Ada is in an Army training area. If you would like to go there on your own, you need to coordinate with the Army.