Monday, February 17, 2014

Flower walk in Shmurat Pura - February 14th, 2014

We met in Craig's parking lot, where  we divided into cars and drove to Shmurat Pura.

Shmurat Pura is just of route 40, just south of where it merges with route 6, and north of the Kama Junction.

Once we all got to the parking lot, we joined the hikers for Tsaad Kadima, and started walking.

The first section of the walk took us over a small hill. We saw many Anemones (כלניות), the first of the red flowers to bloom in the winter. There were also many other beautiful flowers.

We continued our walk on the Israel Trail passing a seasonal lake, a damn, and a small stream.

Our next attraction was the remains of a Turkish railway bridge from the first world war. The bridge washed away during the seventies, but some of it is still visible.

Next we climbed up to Tell Nagilla, the site of a settlement that existed from the  Chalcolithic period to the Byzantine Period. The Tell was also important during the War of Independence because it served as a well known aerial landmark.

This the farthest point of our walk, and we started walking back to our cars on a parallel path.

Thanks to Asher, the guide, and added many stories and explanations to out walk.

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