Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Nachal Piran and Nachal Talkid - December 18th, 2015

We met at the parking are near the end of the hike in the morthern Jordan Valley just north of Argaman. The parking area is just north of the 350 km mark on route 90.

Once everyone arrived, and we had a short overview of the area and route we started walking.

We walked south pass Nachal Talkid, and the into Nachal Piran. We started walking up Nachal Piran.

The walk involved scrambling up rocks, often using metal hand and foot holds holds. It was made more difficult because it had rained that morning, and the rocks were wet and slippery. We used our arms and hands as often as we used our legs.

Along the way we say many Cyclamens (רקפות) and Narcissus (נרקיס).

Once we got to the top of our section of Nachal Piran we turned north towards Nachal Talkid for a short climb on an easy path.

Those of us who arrived first took a short climb of the trail to a wonderful lookout over the Jordan Valley

Once everyone arrived and rested for a bit we started our way down Nachal Talkid. The trail was similar, with many hand and foot holds. At one point we had to climb through a hole in the ground.

We arrived at our cars and drove home.

Thanks to Elana and Deborah for organizing the hike, and to Benny, our guide.


Gadi's Pictures

Deborah, Alden and others posted their pictures of Facebook. Look for them there.