Sunday, December 19, 2010

Herodion - December 10th 2010

We met at the entrance to Har Homa, met our guide Shmuel Browns, and drove the short drive to Herodion.

We started out at lower Herodion, where we say the remains of the Roman bath house, the articial pond which was surrounded by gardens, and various other structures.

After lower Herodion, we drove up to the palace-fortress, we walked around the various sites, visited the bathhouse that was built inside the fortress which includes one of the oldest complete domes found in Israel, the triclinium (formal dining room) that later served as a synagogue, and a Mikve from a later period.

Next we went underground and visited the water cisterns dug out to supply water to the palace.
These cisterns were later connected by tunnels and served as hiding places during the Second Jewish Revolt.

When we exited the tunnels we had a view of the theater that was recently discovered.

We ended our day with a picnic at the entrance to the site.

Thanks to Michelle for organizning a wonderfull day, Shmuel for bringing the site to life, and to all the participants.

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