Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bike Ride - October 30th 2009

After the bike ride was postponed because of the heat (riding in 3 degrees is no fun), we all got together for a bike ride around Mesilat Tzion.

We met near the pool in Mesilat Tzion. Once everyone arrived, we had a short lesson on using the gears and breaks on the bikes and were each given a bike.

After a very short section on the streets of Mesilat Tzion, we started climbing up the Eshtaol Scenic Path.

The rest of our route took us through Rabin Park, parts of the Burma Road and back to Mesilat Tzion.

Some riders even had a chance to try out a Tandem Bike.

Luckily, the skies opened up just as we finished the ride.

Thanks to Phillip for organizing the ride.

Golan - September 10th-12th 2009

This is a place holder. If anyone would like to write up a short description of the hike, please let me know