Sunday, February 17, 2013

Har Grizzim and Dier Kal'a - February 15th, 2013

We met the bus near the Hartman Institute, and started driving north towards Har Grizzim.
After picking our guide, Kuti, up at Ofra, we continued north and arrived at the Har Grizzim National Park.

The site is a the very top of the mountain, and it was very windy, so we moved the bus so it formed a wind brake, and the guide gave us a brief history of the site, and what we were about to see.

We toured the site, stopping at the remains of an olive press, and then went on to the Sacred Precinct where there have been various temples and churches over the last 2500 years.

Our next stop was the Samaritan neighborhood, where we saw the Samaritan Passover Sacrifice site, and a Tchina factory.

We also met a group of christian volunteers from an organization called HaYovel, whos mission is to help small farmers. Their leader, Tommy, explained who they were, and what their mission was.

We also had an overlook of the eastern parts of Shchem, including the Balata refuge camp, and Joesph's tomb.

We returned to the bus and drove back down the mountain, past Ariel to Pedu'el. We went out the back gate of Pedu'el towards Deir Qal'a, which is the remains of a byzantine fortified farm. It is a very impressive site.

After returning to the bus, we drove back to Jerusalem.

Thanks to Elana for organizing the tour, and to Kuti, our guide, for doing a great job.

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