About the Jerusalem Mosaic Hiking Club

The Jerusalem Mosaic Hiking Club was founded in 1992.

We organize hikes in Israel.

There is a hike about once a month.

Day hikes are on Friday. We plan our activities so that people will be back in Jerusalem about an hour before Shabbat.

On Weekend events, we meet at the Youth hoster of field school on Thursday night, hike on Friday, rest on Shabbat, and return home on Saturday night.

During the summer, we usually have night hikes, since it is usually too hot to be outside duing the day.

We usually have a guide who makes sure we don't get too lost, makes sure we are on schedule, and explains things along the route dealing with history, geology, zoology, botany, and why the sky is blue.

Payment for the day hikes includes transportation and guide fees.

Payment for the weekend event includes tranportation, guide fees, two night and the youth hostel or field school, breakfast and Friday Night dinner.

Participants bring lunch for the hike, and on Shabbat afternoon we have a pot lunch where everyone bring something. There is rarly a shortage of food.

We announce our events by using a mailing list.
To subscribe to the mailing list, send a message to jrsmosaic-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
The archive of our message can be seen at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jrsmosaic/messages

All activities a organzied by volunteers, and we always need new volunteers to help.
We get together twice a year to organize the next six months events.

We are loosly associated with the Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America.