Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nachal Amud - April 7th - April 9th, 2011

We met at the Seuda BeGan Eden (Meal in paradise) restaurant in Tzfat for supper on Thursday. After supper, some went to a concert in Tzfat, while others went to the Har Meron Field School. We checked in, and settled in for the night.

After breakfast on Friday morning, we drove to Chenyon Hapitul (The Curve campground), which is where we started our hike last year. The drivers took the cars to the end of our route.

When the drivers returned, we crossed the road, and descended into Nachal Meron. The stream was flowing, and the trail was muddy. within the first few minutes we had to cross another stream. We walked along Nachal Meron, following the Israel trail and the black trail. We had to cross the stream many times, trying to stay as dry as possible. We saw many lovely flowers, and stopped for explanations about them. It drizzled a few times, but nothing that could stop us.

We arrived at the point were Nachal Meron flows into Nachal Amud and continued along Nachal Amud, again following the Israel trail and the black trail. We saw the remains of many mills, both flour mills and fulling mills. The mills date back to the 16th century.

Our next stop was near the Sechvi Pools, where we stopped for lunch. After lunch we continued along Nachal Amud, crossing over it several times. Once we got to the sign towards Ein Koves, we rested a bit before the steep climb out of Nachal Amud.

At the top of the climb we were greeted by two beautifull horses. We continued towards Ein Koves and the cars.

Since the ranger had taken our guide's details, we piled into the cars, drove to the starting point and then drove to the ranger station in order to pay. The ranger was so impressed with our honesty, that he forgave the fee.

We went back to the field school for showers and rest before Shabbat. On Shabbat people divided into smaller groups for walks and hikes near the field school.

Many thanks to Simcha Layah and Craig for organizing the weekend, and to Israel, our guide.

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