Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nachal Kziv - June 23rs to 25th, 2011

We met at the Achziv Field School on Thursday night.

Some of us had supper at Arnold's in Netiv HaShayara, which was a lovely experience.

On Friday morning we drove towards Mitzpe Hila and parked at the trail head where we met our guide, Israel, and some people who did not spend Thursday night at the field school.

We started our decent towards the Montfort Fortress. At the lookout overlooking the fortress, we got a general explanation about the fortress. We the descended and walked through the first moat, and climbed up to the Donjon or Stronghold. A few short words, and we climbed back down and visited other parts of the fortress.

After visiting the rest of the fortress, we continued our decent towards Nachal Kziv. At the bottom of the hill we had to cross the stream, which surprisingly for this time of year, was pretty deep, wide, and actually flowing. Those who could changed into various types of water shoes, while other tried to keep from getting their shoes wet.

We continued walking along Nachal Kziv, along the way we had to cross the stream several times. We saw the remains of storage facilities and flour mills.

Because we were delayed, the guide decided to skip Ein Tamir. We started our ascent back towards the beginning of the trail. The ascent was steep and long, about an hour and a half.
When we got back to the parking lot, we met a herd of goats.

We returned to the field school tired, hot, but with a sense of accomplishment.

On Friday evening around 6 pm, we all gathered to wish Craig and Simcha Leah a big Mazal Tov on their engagement.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a great vacation:
Rachel and Ephraim for the organization, Israel for being am excellent guide, and Craig and Simcha Leah for sharing their engagement with us.