Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Eilat - Shchoret Canyon, Nachal Rachav and Nachal Amir - January 7th 2016 - January 9th 2016

As usual we met at the Eilat Field School on Thursday night.

On Friday morning we drove towards the beginning of the hike. We picked up our guide, Noa, near the Eilat Mall, and then drove all the way to Timna to a place we could turn around and drive back to the dirt road that led us to the beginning of the hike.

The first leg of our hike was through the Shchoret Canyon (it's called a mall on Google Maps for some reason, but there are no stores). We climbed up through the Canyon. At some points we had to help each other get up the steep inclines, but all of us made it without falling or injuries.

At the op of the Canyon, we walked up to a pass, and the start going down towards Nachal Rachav.

Our next leg was up Nachal Rachav. Towards the end we stopped for lunch and then continued on towards Nachal Amir. The last part of the climb was through sandstone, and had many beautiful formations. The climb down Nachal Amir was a bit challenging, and we had to use handholds, but again we all made it back in one piece.

Thanks to Deborah for organizing a great weekend, and to Noa, our guide, for great and tasty explanations.

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